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Simmonds' Dance Studio

Owner Alicia Corcoran (right) with her mother Patty Simmonds (left) and sister Alena Waters (middle)

We are happy to announce that we have moved into our new location, which is in downtown Jeffersonville on 600 Kentucky Ave, at the corner of Court Ave. With Simmonds being a fixture in our community since and a household name since 1951, we feel we fit right in here as this is the part of our community considered historic Jeffersonville. This charming district is currently a work in progress as it transforms into Jeffersonville’s Arts district.

' Dance Studio has been operating for three generations. It was started in 1951 by Hal and Gerrie Simmonds. The studio was then passed down to their daughter Patty Simmonds. In 2005, Patty's daughter, Alicia Corcoran, took over the family business. 

Simmonds' Dance offers lessons in nearly every genre of dance, musical theatre, voice, and gymnastics. Intermediate and advanced students have the option to compete twice a year. There is also an annual recital which gives all students a performance opportunity. Additionally, as pioneers of Jeffersonville's new Riverstage, an ampitheatre located in downtown Jeff, Simmonds' performers get to showcase their talents to the rest of the community with Spirit Over the Water Productions.

Simmonds furthermore restarted its preschool program in fall 2008. For more information, click on "Classes."

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